A fascinating book with an intriguing story of Faith, Art and Service to others. The image of Light shines through the years; from the cracks to the Restoration. The book describes the history of Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church in Stowe Vermont, how it came to be built on Ira Dutton’s birthplace, and introduces the reader to the life story of Brother Dutton.

A thorough and enlightening account of the genius and hardworking life of the renowned artist André Girard. He devised a method of painting with and through light. He saw an opportunity in the blank windows of the church to reveal the Light of Christ’s scripture.

After 25 years, due to the extremes of Vermont’s weather, Girard’s paintings had badly deteriorated and his former student, Josephine Belloso, successfully restored them. Thirty-five years later when a greater amount of deterioration had taken place, Josephine Belloso, with the technical collaboration of Sister Jean Dominici, O.P., Ph. D, not only restored but also preserved Girard’s windows by creating digital images of the photographs and printing them.

This is a scholarly book, although it is filled with vignettes of Stowe residents. Maria von Trapp and her family who sang and worshiped at Blessed Sacrament Church and Matt Strong, a local craftsman and his daughter, Isabell, were drawn into the mystery of the restoration of the exterior panels. The book is a treasure for any art student or visitor with its rare photographs and guide to meditation.

A large format coffee table book printed in high-quality full-color. Proceeds from the sale of this book are earmarked for ongoing care and restorations.